Monday, January 5, 2009

Tomato Juice

  Tomato Juice

A cheaper way of getting tomato Juice.  I accidentally came across this suggest from some other internet sites.  Using either Tomato Paste or Sauce.

So being the mad scientist that I am.  (The kitchen is nothing but a differently designed laboratory).  I had to do some experiments on this.  Pity my poor taste buds that have to endure some of the failures in these kind of experiments.  But other times there are breakthroughs, and they are delighted.

Well initially follow the tomato paste suggestion:

3 to 4 portions water to 1 portion of tomato paste. 
Using a blender empty the contents of 1 6 0unce can.
Add 3 - 4 cans of water.  ( I have found that using the 3+ was more successful and 4 seemed too watered down)
I can't make any recommendations on adding any salt or sugar as I haven't done that with the paste. (yet)

Another alternative is too use tomato Sauce.

Now the sauces used so far have all contained some onion and garlic powders added. Or maybe other spices.
Results for me:
1 8 ounces  can
2 equal portions of water (any more and it seems watery or watered down)
1/2 teaspoon Real Salt (I use salt from Real Salt - some extra mineral benefits)
2-3 teaspoons of sugar
The addition of salt and sugar seem to help offset some of the onion/garlic/spices in the tomato sauce. 
The result is about 3-4 servings of Tomato Juice.

As a result of this trial and error, I will be adding a little salt and sugar to the tomato paste mix too.  As I do remember it passed but wasn't a hit like the sauce.

Paste mix:  rating 6-7
Sauce mix rating 8

So in a pinch for tomato Juice, there is an alternative way of having it if you have tomato Paste or Sauce on hand.
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